Our Mission

To end injustice by providing financial literacy and health services to empower families in need.

Sikhi Alpha believes that everyone has a right to have their basic needs met and have adequate resources to thrive and reach their highest potential. We will continue our work until we celebrate the day where any injustice can be addressed quickly and comprehensively.

We aim to correct social and economic disparities within local communities first to compound success as we build our model to scale. We begin by sharing wealth, time, and knowledge more effectively. The Sikhi Alpha family fights against any oppression, especially of one’s freedom of conscience and expression.

Our Values and Culture

We connect with others worldwide, driving the expertise and energy of businesses and non-governmental organizations to help address social problems – among them discrimination, oppression, and exclusion.

Worldwide, we support exceptional leaders and organizations on the cutting edge of social and structural change. Inclusivity is a fundamental human right, and we are determined to give equitable access to social, economic, and political institutions.

We invest in people by giving a platform that improves health, education, and protection. By providing appropriate catalysts, we can influence positive change and recognize that all have the right to exist, improve and compound for the betterment of us all.

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