Our Financials and Governance

We are fully committed to outright transparency and provide accessible information to our finances and grantmaking efforts regularly.

Form 990-PFs can be opaque without telling you the specifics of a charity’s programs, but at Sikhi Alpha we aim to do the opposite. We are regulated and must adhere to strict standards, so we take transparency seriously. The integrity of the foundation, its teams and its individuals are of the utmost importance, and we happily encourage you to do your full due diligence when working with us.

The Sikhi Alpha family aims to end social and economic imbalances around the world. We focus on families in need and providing them with education on healthcare and financial literacy, civil rights support, and protection from harmful environments.

The foundation is based in Los Angeles, California and holds the assets of public donations. Its role is to manage the investment assets and contribute as necessary to the goals of the foundation’s charitable initiatives. We are more than happy for you to join our network, become more hands-on and see exactly how we work and the standards to which we hold ourselves.


Sikhi Alpha depends on grantees and partners who have a deep understanding of the issues we and they care about, and strong ties with the communities in which we aim to make a difference. At the same time, we hope to build representatives based in key regions—to help us build relationships with partner organizations and governmental entities, better understand the policy environment, and remain aware of the injustices affecting people.

We look to prescribe a combination of active thinking with progressive actions to eradicate ignorance and injustice. Our focus is on local communities as a platform for the under-resourced to raise their welfare and well-being. Ensuring the sharing of our privileges and opportunities allows each community to succeed.


The investment philosophy of our organization is critical to its success. To target large scale problems, we believe that raising the standards and qualities of local communities comes first. Basic education on healthcare and financial literacy, and protection from harm are areas of our focus and we are assisted by passionate individuals who have expertise in their fields.

We believe our philosophy is far-reaching as it impacts community enterprises with influential roles and serves as a basis of good structural governance. As humans, we may make mistakes, but we do everything possible to make sure our invested assets are not tied to corruption, prejudice, or oppression in any form.


We realize there may already be highly effective strategies which we cannot improve and so we will not replicate the work. Instead we will work with individuals and organizations such as non-profit organizations, businesses, academic institutions, or faith-based groups to reach the people in need. Our partnerships and our work are to find the best ideas wherever they originate to achieve the best possible outcome.

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